Game of Thrones Characters as Magic: The Gathering Cards [Picture Gallery]


Tumblr user JermTube re-imagined a fairly complete list of Game of Thrones characters as Magic: the Gathering cards, which you can see in the picture gallery below. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d totally play that!



[Source: JermTube | Via Geekologie]


7 Responses to Game of Thrones Characters as Magic: The Gathering Cards [Picture Gallery]

  1. These are just bad, mostly off-color with some random ability, and done in 5 minutes. Why someone left default expansion/rarity symbol? Littlefinger is so underpowered, altought Extort fits him nicely – but Jamie with Extort looks just ridiculous and it’s flavourwise unfitting. Renly in UR is so random too. Only card that actualy seems quite flavourful is Sansa, but she should be in white and removing from combat.

  2. Asha is red, Sansa is blue, Jaime is a 2/3, and Sandor is a knight? Uh… I appreciate the effort, but these make no sense.

  3. Some of them are cute but the power cost is way of on a lot of them and some don’t make a lot of sense. It could be good if more care was taken.

  4. Great idea, poorly executed. As an avid MtG player for more than a decade and an avid reader of ASoIaF this just seems poorly thought out.

  5. There’s a lot of different abilities that could have been used that would be more flavorful and useful. Take like horsemanship for the dothraki? I think this person just recently discovered and didn’t do a lot of homework?