Go home Windows 8, You’re Drunk [Pic]


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  1. I do not think it is unreasonable to have a resolution of 1024×768 or higher these days. when you install windows it will warn you that resolution is below what it can handle there are visual components on the music app such as album art. Stop hating on Windows 8 and try it for 1 month with an open-mind.

    • i like windows 8 and i have it on my netbook, but although it’s possible to put that resolution on the netbook, it looks to tiny for everithing else… as a result, i can’t use any of the new apps on it!
      i have to say, it’s pretty stupid!!! i can play the same things on the desktop mode, but not on the apps!!!

      • I really like using Windows 8 – but there is no way I would try to use it on a netbook. Not that I would run anything on my netbook anymore, they are just the wrong shape to be comfortable for me.

        • Why not?? my netbook came with windows XP (even thought 7 was already launched but the price was twice as high for the same pc), i then upgraded it to windows 7, and now i have it with windows 8 and it never has been as fast as now booting up and starting the programs i need!!!
          offcourse anetbook isn’t very confortable, but i have a desktop and i do not need a notebook because i only use the netbook when i go on vacations or to present powerpoints that were made on my desktop!

  2. Most (all?) netbooks are still 1024×600, so by you’re reckoning all those netbook manufacturers are at fault and no Netbook will ever run Windows 8 (properly).

    [Although my own Asus EeePc 1015PX can fake 1024×768 if necessary]

    Personally, I’ve tried Windows 8 for a lot longer than one-month (my daughter’s new laptop came with it by default) and I don’t like it, but to be fair, my 11yo daughter, who likes bright shiny things, does.

    • Damn, I noticed too late that I’d put “you’re” rather than “your”. My humblest of apologies to all the grammar attack dogs who will now swarm all over my post!

  3. I love Windows 8 on my Media Center computer – tiles rock for a 10 foot interface, and are navigable by the Harmony remote, unlike the start menu on other versions of Windows. Also love it on my son’s large dell touchscreen all in one and my Surface Pro. But on a regular non touch system, I’m not a fan. Too much of a pain.

  4. Oh wow… Looks like all the windows crew is out here defending it.

    It’s funny cause ‘Music’ should not need any resolution to run… (it’s audio) -_-

    That’s what this post is about… It has nothing to do with if windows is good bad or ugly.

  5. Win8 is okay. I just leave it in desktop mode and it works okay. The only thing I really dislike is how they hid the settings. Like I can’t even find a way in the GUI to navigate to the control panel. I can get there through search, but you have to know about it first.

    • In the metro UI go to side pane click settings. Go to tiles and switch it to yes. click the arrow at the top and boom you have your setting tiles.

  6. This issue is what turned me off to Windows 8 in the first place. Back before its retail release, I tried the release candidate or whatever they want to call it on my netbook but I couldn’t use any metro app because the screen resolution wasn’t high enough. After a couple hours of frustration, I gave up, erased the drive and installed Ubuntu.

  7. I think everyone is missing the point… It is about “Music” needing “Screen Resolution”… I know that is the name of a Metro/ModernUI app but it was meant to be a joke.

    Btw, Win8 was designed to be lighter and better handle constrained resources. Enforcing a screen res that surpasses that of current (or a couple of years old) netbooks is kind of moronic. Specially if the classic desktop environment works just fine.

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