Xbox One Unveil Video + Xbox Executives Discuss Xbox One

A lot of you will probably have seen this by now, but since I wasn’t there for most of the day yesterday, I couldn’t post it the minute it went live.

Introducing Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system. This is the unveil video for the Xbox One, showcasing the console, the new Kinect sensor and the new Xbox One controller, as well as the new experiences that will be coming with Xbox One, including the personal homescreen, cinematic gaming, Live TV and Skype. Welcome to a new generation of games and entertainment.



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  1. Sooo, what they’re saying is that they’ve made a gaming console which, locks me in even more, will require more standby power (due to the voice commands like ‘xbox on’), will track my personal information, programmers be able to harness ALL the power (from that statement we have to assume they couldn’t before?), skype, skype, skype, skype and skype… the question I ask is: does it actually play any games? Thus far I’m not very impressed.

  2. This is a game console, not a fucking apple tv. Screw the skype and tv crap, we want to just be able to watch movies and play games. Simple as that. Tv and skype is for the TV and computer, not a GAMING console. This is why I stick with PS3 and the upcoming PS4 will be the best of all. Make something we want, not some crap. Don’t forget to tell us we have to pay fees for playing used games. Multi billionaires and you all just want to clean us dry of our money don’t you…Very, very dissappointed. Not impressed at all. Microsoft is at it’s all time low. Honestly the Very first Xbox is better than this.

  3. Looks good to me. I’ve liked the progression of the xbox so far and this is a good step forward. These machines are great for folks that aren’t very techie. I play most of my games on a gaming pc but the xbox has always been my choice for games that work well with a couch or lazyboy. It’s my goto machine for movies and entertainment and games like Halo, Fable and driving sims.

  4. FWIW MS said the games will be focused on at E3, not the launch event. I’m disappointed at the level of hard information that was revealed though. I almost wish they had just waited until they were ready for a more substantial reveal.

  5. Ouch, I hope Halo and Gears have gotten enough momentum to carry them through this system. For one, all of this “power” is still going to be limited by most people’s band width. Not to mention they just took all their previous tech, put it together and threw a new operating system in it. Not to mention their asinine market strategy.

  6. Hate the new design….wish they would have left the design alone and only changed the software, dashboard and memory capabilities for playing games, watching blu-ray dvd’s and MORE Kinect interactive games with quicker recognition and reactivity times. The 360 Slim / Kinect / controller design was a great…why change it Microsoft??? Was a 360’er…but agree that I might go to the PS3 / PS4 instead.

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