LOL: Xbox One Summarized in 101 Seconds [Video]

So let me summarized that for you: TV, Sports, Call of Duty.

Xbox, go home.


7 Responses to LOL: Xbox One Summarized in 101 Seconds [Video]

  1. Over all, I’m not very hyped over any of the latest gen consoles. Now it’s all about gimmicks, social networking, clouds, etc. Aww well, I guess I’ll hook up my TV to my computer and play a couple of emulated games instead.

  2. None of the new systems have me impressed at all. I still play the hell out of my xbox360 and probably will until it dies for the second time. I had hoped to get the PS4 and play the old PS3 games, but neither Xbox nor Sony seem to think backwards compatibility is a worthwhile feature.

    Looks like I’ll be swapping to Steam Console if it ever gets going for real.

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