Can You Tell? Which Way is The Train Going? [Animated GIF]


If you concentrate enough, you can make the direction of the train change with your mind!

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    • It’s actually timed in phase with the passing of the doors and windows. Since most of the train’s features are equidistant in regards to each other, the frame rate can be set to match the speed of the train, causing it to appear still. Here, the frame rate is twice the rate of the passing of the train, causing every other frame to return it to it’s apparent starting location. With the blur of motion, your brain is left trying to discern its direction, but since there is no 3D information to go on, you’re left bouncing between two possibilities.

  1. It’s the Charing Cross Tube Station in England. Platform is in the middle and the trains travel on the left like their auto traffic. It’s coming towards you. :)

  2. it’s just frames, think about alternating Christmas lights, all the reds are on, then all the greens. it doesn’t go either way. you simply perceive it to move because it’s in a sequence.

  3. It’s only four frames and the timing of each frame is for the white and red panels match up that makes our brain try and figure out what’s going on.

    HOWEVER, If you look close enough to the reflections on the train (and one of the red panels is different), the train is going toward the camera.

    Walk up and wait

  4. Start with the left and follow the windows, they are moving right. Attempting to start from the right and follow the windows to the left and you’ll notice you can’t. The windows move right.

  5. bill is right. It’s emerging from the tunnel. Charing Cross station is in England, obviously and since they drive on the left, the trains do as well.

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