For those who want skip the bla bla at the beginning of the video, the real fight starts at 3:40.

So guys, do you agree with the conclusion of the fight? Who do YOU think would actually win that fight, Superman or Thor? Let us know in the comments section below!



11 Responses to SUPERMAN vs THOR: FIGHT! [Video]

  1. this was dumb. first off the dialogue was atrocious. secondly, thor would beat superman seeing as he stalemated with the hulk

  2. Ok lets look at this properly,
    1) Super man is powered by yellow suns, has super speed, super strength, super constitution, super dexterity, full flight, super breath, super sight including heat vision, super hearing, super voice, impervious to most know kinetic and ballistic weapons also temperatures and pressures, can also survive the vacuum of space as well as deep oceans the ability to turn back time and by Thor’s hammers standards a pure and just heart,( which means he should also be able to use Thor’s hammer as well!)

    2) Thor has the a magic hammer, the will,strength, constitution and ego of the gods, the ability to wield lighting, partial flight.

    Do the numbers and don’t bet on Thor.

    P.s. Superman could also easily kick the hulks ass, ( superman could throw the hulk into space, the hulk still needs air to breath, he would suffocate fall unconscious turn back into banner and superman would rescue him before he died and return him to earth.)

  3. Superman should win. I know Superman gets his ass handed to him by Captain Marvel’s lighting in Kingdom Come because he is vulnerable to magic but isn’t it explicitly stated in the Thor movie that Thor’s powers come from science so far advanced that it only seems like magic to those who can’t comprehend it? Or is Thor actually magical in the comics?

  4. This is why Superman is a boring superhero. He was basically written as a god character with too few flaws, and anytime he get into a bind he just needs to chill by the sun to recharge all his health, stamina, and gains a lvl 99 superbuff to win.

  5. The geek answers “Thor!” the nerd answers “Which editions are we talking about?”. There are versions of Superman which Thor could grind to dust. And there are versions of Superman which nothing can crush. At his most powerful, Superman is “As strong as he needs to be”. Which makes him unbeatable. We should just be happy superman didn’t decide to obliterate the world this time.

  6. Since superman seems to be invincible, its why I avoid “superman vs” because its boring have a superhero that no one can kill.

    However give me a wolverine vs deadpool vs hulk mash up.

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