Adam Warrock Rocks the Throne with Game of Thrones Week

Warning: Video contains strong language.

(“Hodor” featuring Tribe One)

With Game of Thrones back on the air (pre-order Season #3 here), the days between Sundays are painfully slow. Luckily lyricist Adam Warrock is on point to bring us some GoT inspired jams to get us through the week! His fourth track dropped this morning, following the antics of Hodor and featuring fellow nerdcore artist Tribe One.  As my roomie just said, “This is pretty legit.”

You can check out Warrock’s other tracks at his site. So far he’s got a tribute to the Greyjoys, The Crows and my favorite sister-lover Jamie Lannister.

Warning: Some lyrics are explicit, so keep the little kiddies out of the room.