Steampunk AT-AT Walker [Pics]


This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator, the offspring of a regular AT-AT Walker mixed with Flickr user Broken Journalist‘s mind. Looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

“Each one of those rivets was cut out with a punch and applied with tweezers, and we both lost track of the number of coats of spray paint he used to get that gorgeous patina before washing it down and creating the stains and drips. He made the narwhal horn on the front as well. It’s hard to see but the legs and feet are covered in seaweed and barnacles – I can just imagine it tramping up and down the coastline, or standing in a harbour next to a crumbling pier.”


[Picture Source: Broken Journalist | Via EPBot | Neatorama]

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