If Web Browsers Were Celebrities [Pic]

Which one do you prefer?


[Source: @Shanesnow | Via wonderlol]

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  1. Safari “seems to be everywhere” – one year after Apple killed Safari for Windows and with Safari’s market share being at 5%?

    Yet another infographics create by a Mac user. On the plus side he didn’t take all chances to bash on at Microsoft and at IE. Just a little bit.

    • This infographic is a few years old… read the small line at the end:
      “Although from what we’ve seen the Firefox 4 might be pretty fast. Does Morgan Freeman have a son?”
      Firefox 4 was released in march 2011, back then the “Safari seems to be everywhere” could still apply.

      And being a web developper (and not a Mac user, btw), I say this: Microsoft DESERVES to be bashed for IE 6… seriously… and they also deserve to be bashed for making us having to support 4 non-fonctionnal browsers at the same time (all with different bugs).

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