Geek Art: Catwoman the Crazy Cat Lady [Picture]

Click Picture to Enlarge!

Click Picture to Enlarge!

This fantastic Catwoman illustration was made by Deviantartist Caanan and features plenty of cats from pop culture. How many can you name?

[Caanan | Via IO9]


2 Responses to Geek Art: Catwoman the Crazy Cat Lady [Picture]

  1. im surprised by some of the cats shown, Bill from Opus, Bucky from Get Fuzzy, its nice to see them :D

  2. I was able to name about 95%. Top Cat, Felix, Streaky, Garfield, either Ren or Stempy, Puss in Boots, Slyvester, Tom from Tom and Jerry, Garfield, Nermal (sp?), Bill the Cat, Bucky, Chestshire Cat, cats from Aristarcats, the cat that draws Pepe Le Pew attentions… Where are the Thunder Cats? :-)
    The pictures on the wall and the album is a nice touch.