OM NOM NOM: Prototype Pac-Man Hoodies

They are only prototypes, but Insignificant Fish Industries created 6 different Pac-Man hoodies from Pac-Man himself to Pinky to Power Pellet Mode!

pac-man-hoodies-1 pac-man-hoodies-2 pac-man-hoodies-3 pac-man-hoodies-4 pac-man-hoodies-5 pac-man-hoodies-6

[Insignificant Fish / Via Geekologie]

2 Responses to OM NOM NOM: Prototype Pac-Man Hoodies

  1. i really like the ghosts, however, the sleeves are a bit iffy to me. also, they may be more appropriate for females. i feel like it could be pulled off as a blouse or short dress better, now there’s an idea.

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