7 IT Jobs Explained [Comic]

Do you find that most of the rest of the office are completely ignorant as to what it is you IT guys do all day? Well slap this on their desktop background to help educate!

Editor’s note: As an ex-IT guys (15 years in system administration), this infographic is really oversimplifying things, but I guess for non-IT people it is just the perfect thing. Also, putting the sysadmin in the hardware specialists section? Really? We should be included in each section of this infographic!

Edit: Source removed the picture.

11 Responses to 7 IT Jobs Explained [Comic]

    • they are all man simply because the person making this infographic does not like to draw women. I don’t think this is an attack on gender equality or a political statement. let him breath ! gosh. (another female IT guy)

    • I feel about the same way.. but really, then one can also wonder why they are all white… or why they are all good looking… or why they are all dressed in the same fashion. It’s hard to appeal to all groups. So, let’s agree this simplified demographic was not made to fight a gender/ethnicity/culture/fashion/nationality/hat size/sexuality war =p

  1. Agree with the editors comments but to me this is for the “masses”.

    JC again being for the masses it is how they see us – all geek guys. The old male/female stereotypes exist unfortunately. I’ve worked with a lot of women in IT and R&D over the years many of which have been better than the guys I’ve dealt with.

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