Damsels in Distress [Pic]


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  1. Just because they’re not the protagonist doesn’t make them a “damsel in distress”. Lady from DMC 3 was certainly no damsel.

  2. My first thought was the newest Tomb Raider. That aside maybe, Commander Shepard from Mass Effect (if you chose a female Shepard),

  3. Tomb Raider, Beyond Good and Evil, Mirror’s Edge, Portal, Bayonetta, Resident Evil, Borderlands, one of the Assassin’s Creed, and the upcoming Beyond Two Souls and Remember Me.

  4. Clearly says “Classic-era games”, Some people appear to be missing that point. Perhaps Tomb Raider and Resident Evil just squeeze in. But to me. Classic era is 16-bit max.

    • No, I think you were missing my point. I’ll give you that several of those games are fairly recent, but both Tomb Raider and the Resident Evil series are 17 years old. Beyond Good and Evil is 10. Understand that I’m not saying this hasn’t been a problem (or even continues to be one), but I’m kind of tired of these half-baked arguments that come out of some sort of need to create controversy in the geek community. If you believe that things have gotten better, why try to make a point about how things were? It’s like saying, “Slavery was bad”. No one disagrees with that, so why make the point now? Wouldn’t the time and effort be better spent trying to address issues in the here and now?