Know Your Tropes! [Pic]


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  1. So because the main character has big boobs, that instantly nullifies all story or character the game actually has, and will always be viewed as such until those boobs are smaller? Did the creator of this actually play Bayonetta?

    Also, they were only so big in the first game because of a coding error. Literally a decimal point in the wrong place, it was not intentional.

    • Oh, and gameplay is also completely null and void because of big boobs? Bayonetta has amazing gameplay. Does that not matter? Does Bayonetta need to “shrink the boobs” as well in order to earn your respect?

      • “Does Bayonetta need to “shrink the boobs” as well in order to earn your respect?”

        Yeah, pretty much. Bayonetta is an absurd adolescent fantasy to jerk off to. If you really think it was more than that, I’d hate to see what you have hanging off your walls as “art.”

        • I never said that it was some masterpiece of story-telling. I was just saying the story isn’t exactly non-existent, you know?

          Have you actually played Bayonetta? Do you actually know about the very well done combo system? Do you know the story?

          Is it really so hard to believe in this day and age that a woman might be confident and sexy enough to not give a damn if guys are staring at her and even enjoys teasing them a little? Why is it people don’t believe women like this exist? And if they don’t, why not? Is it really so bad to not mind that guys find you attractive?

          There’s nothing wrong about the way Bayonetta acts or dresses or anything. The only reason anyone would be ashamed is because people like you have this weird idea that women aren’t supposed to like being considered highly attractive, thus all female characters who are attractive and confident about it are instantly deemed “sexist” and “fanservice”, when it’s really just a part of their character.

    • No, no more than the entire first season of TNG was pointless without a bearded Riker. It’s a metaphorical inflection point, not a ‘quality cliff’.

  2. great game. Saddly they still made her boobs too big. They didn’t work with her athletic frame.