Everything Wrong With The Hobbit In 4 Minutes (Or Less) [Video]

By popular demand, we present a list of all the sins we found in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


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  1. What is this?

    I don’t even….

    I assume this is trolling. The video seems to take issue that the film made terrible errors, nearly all of which are direct from the source material.

    So is it a critique of The Hobbit as a film adaptation, or of the original book?

  2. It is clear that this man has never actually read the book or he would know the answers to the majority of the questions he asks. Maybe spend a little more time researching and a little less time criticising?

  3. There are quite a few problems with the movie, but none of those are in this video. What I find much more wrong is that dwarfs are turned into some boozed-up, silly bunch of lunatics and that one of them has an axe in his head, or putting Azog in the film, when he was nowhere to be found in the book, or the mountain orks that were shown as some sort of cartoon characters, that are clumsy and stupid, or the biggest thing of them all – turning a small, simple children’s book, not even half the thickness of one of SIX LotR books, in to a THREE part epic.


    I could go on…

    Anyway… I do like Peter Jackson and he did a good job with filming the movie, by the script that was given him. The picture quality, scenery and all that was truly fantastic, but the movie was let down by a writer that doesn’t understand Hobbit and (Im guessing) some big wigs that want to make money by stretching the movie to 3 parts.

    OK, Ill stop raging now.

  4. most of the things he said didnt matter and only a few were actually valid. He just bitched about rope and candles

    • And candles work exactly the way they do on screen. Hasn’t this guy ever blow out the candles on a birthday cake?

  5. The only mistake that he didn’t screw up was the glowing blades. that bothered me too. The rest is all from the source material (mostly).

  6. About the glowing blades, everytime I watch this movie I just hate that Sting is blinking like it’s some kind of electric device.. And I think they all should smoke a lot more weed!

  7. Someone obviously doesn’t give a shit about history XD Not to mention LOTR was a very popular and successful trilogy back then compared to the crap being released today.

  8. I want the 4 minutes of my life back that I lost to this…..I should make a video on all of the things wrong with this review…..Not all Elvish blades glow blue.

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