“The Life-Span of a TV Show” [Comic]

What do you guys think: Is this accurate?

What about shows that don’t last past 4 or 5 seasons?

TV Show Life Span

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    • Supernatural lost my interest a long time ago. Bobby dying was the last straw, I think I watched one episode after that, haven’t watched since.

    • Supernatural
      Season 1: Good.
      Season 2: More development. Good.
      Season 3: Still fits the horror genre, but is also funny. Good. Has a solid conclusion. Could have ended well right there.
      Season 4: A step downhill. Not so good.
      Season 5: Forgot to be scary. Had an ending so abysmally crap that I hoped it wasn’t the final season, just so that it wouldn’t end like that. Ending could have been improved markedly by removing the narrator who goes out of his way to tell us that this is a crap ending.
      Season 6: Recovering from season 5’s dud ending. Not too great, though.
      Season 7: Back up to standard as non-disappointing. Not back to peak quality though.
      Season 8: On par with season 7. Looks like this is where the plateau’s setting in.

    • Season 5 was the perfect end to both Sam and Dean’s character arcs. Sam fulfilled his destiny that had been building up the entire series long, and Dean managed to get out of the hunting business to lead a normal life just like he always wanted. And before any of that happened, Sam and Dean shared a perfect, defining brotherly moment where their love and loyalty to each other helped them overcome the freakin’ Devil. It was the perfect ending to everything the series was about. Then, season 6 happened………

  1. Not accurate for Lost, whose Golden years was it’s last two 5 and 6. The absolute worst one was season 4 but that was because the writers went on a strike. And 1 and 2 and 3 were quite ok, especially 1 and 2. Also the Simpsons which are still airing without any cancelations, and after 24 seasons. (Yes, I know the newer ones are not as good as the old ones, but they gotta be doing something right.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more. Lost would have been great had the last season not ever happened. The ending of that show is widely considered the worst ending to a series ever.

        • agreed, the last season, IMO, was pretty irrelevant to the whole mystery and purpose about the island. it was kind of just thrown together…

      • Yes, it was disappointing the first time you watch it. But no matter what way you do it people would have been disappointed. If you re-watch the series you will agree with me. When you know what is going to happen you don’t worry or fuss about what they will or won’t tell you you just watch and enjoy. The last episode is one of the most beautiful and emotional episodes of them all. Before season 5 they had decided to start wrapping things up and that it would all end in season 6. They made basic planning and went all out after that.

    • Big Bang Theory is on the way down allready. Penny is not the blond hot stupid girl anymore. She is also a geek and he close is boring. The others have all girlfrinds and are boooring :( Only Sheldon is still a little funny.

      • penny developed into a full character. plus she reflects her interactions with the nerd crew across the way.

        as for the cycle of doom…i thing the big bang theory will prove that it will make it past the dreaded 7th season with flying colors. There is so much Nerd Culture that they will have plenty to write about.

        • I don’t think “nerd culture” and “Big Bang Theory” belong in the same sentence. If anything, this is what non nerds think a nerd is. Anyway, I think BBT began it’s descend the moment they stopped focusing on the characters and started focusing on the girls. The goal was obtained, right? Because, mainly, all they cared about was getting laid. Now that they all have girls, it’s just merely empty jokes (“Ha ha! We play D&D! Aren’t we nerds weird?”) It seems to me that most of Warner now is just a bunch of shows in which their main characters just want sex. That’s it.

        • Jolene15a randdom comment om IMDB: Downhill from season 4, now it is turning into “Friends”, 14 March 2013

        • BBT had its heigth in Nerd Culture with the first season! Afterwards it got removed to a large degree because it didn’t work out with most of the audiance. I would say it fits there very well… first season was just to incompatible with non nerdy viewers!

    • Simpsons is most certainly NOT an exception to the rule. After Season 9, the show went to hell, and it’s now a zombified, soulless shadow of its former self.

  2. Meh. The Simpsons has been around so long it’s more like a roller coaster with multiple ups and downs. This graph seems to mostly be representing Buffy, but even there it’s kind of off….things were already falling apart during season five, but they recovered and finished strong. Doctor Who, as mentioned above, hasn’t fallen prey to this (although you could argue that each doctor counts as a separate series, and so none of them have made it that long). Yeah….this is pretty pointless.

  3. sadly there are a few that never got to show us what they had. IE Firefly, Terra Nova, Veronica Mars, Dark Angel, ECT. there were alot of one or two season shows that either the writing bombed early (Dark Angel did in season 2) or ratings were just not up to par for the network.

  4. This is why I’m glad Breaking Bad is going out with Season 5.

    Quit while you’re ahead. It’s a brilliant and ballsy move.

  5. As has been mentioned; there are so many exceptions to this it just isn’t funny….

    Heroes: 1 very good season, 1 reasonable season, garbage after that.
    Babylon 5: 4 good seasons, 5th season utter crap, stopped after that.
    Firefly: 1 amazing season :(
    Star Trek: Enterprise: 1st season was crap, second season was crap, rest of the series was crap.
    I’m sure this goes for just about every series you can think of.

  6. I have been noticing this for years and am glad this image exists and people are talking about it.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, The Office… I’m sure I’ve seen other examples, but season 5 always seems to be that season where everything just gets wrapped up perfectly and doesn’t need to continue. Buffy died saving the world, Sam died saving the world, Dean went on to live the normal life he always wanted, Michael Scott won his job back and realized it was where he belonged, Jim and Pam eventually started a family, and they all lived happily ever doing exactly the stuff we imagined in our heads.

    But instead they just kept showing us more and more messed-up stuff and completely ruined the catharsis…

  7. This works best for American drama, comedy and sci-fi. Though some shows do escape the exact partern they will get three or four truly great seasons before the writers grown bored.

  8. Nonsense. Friends, Doctor Who, The Simpsons. Has anyone here ever seen an episode of Buffy that was terrible ? And i’m not talking about the visual effects. The last three seasons might actually be the best ones.

  9. Sums up the Network wonks at FOX:
    1.Start a show with great premise,
    2. Get fans excited.
    3. Run it one, maybe two seasons.
    4. Inexplicably dump the show, to the dismay of a loyal following
    Anyone remember “Brisco County Jr.” with Bruce ‘Don’t call me Ash” Campbell?

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