We crowdfunded a Veronica Mars movie – what’s next?

So you’ve seen the Veronica Mars kickstarter, right? I mean, everyone’s seen it. They hit their $2 million dollar goal about nine hours after going live.  I thought that it would slow down after the INCREDIBLY EXCITED AND DEDICATED  got their donations in – but maybe there’s more of those than I thought.  Or just as likely, it didn’t even require the super-fans because there were other reasons to support this effort.  Why? Well, consider this dramatization:


Could Veronica Mars be the test case for showing that crowdfunding of fan favorites could really work? Might we see another Firefly movie? Or if, heaven forbid, Community gets canceled, we still managed to get that six seasons and a movie? Maybe we could even get a Freaks and Geeks reunion.  I for one would chip in to see the rights to Dresden Files revert back to Jim Butcher so that someone else can take a crack at the material to make up for the TV show that wasn’t great but was canceled too soon anyway.

Of course, now there is also the awesomeness of a Veronica Mars movie to look forward to as well! The video promises that more money means a better movie, which totally makes sense. Though apparently they might consider some stretch goals. Oh, and if you were wondering about who nabbed the $10,000 speaking role, he’s not a Veronica Mars super-fan, just a super fan of crowdfunding.

So what about you guys? Did you donate to the Kickstarter? What else might you consider funding if given the opportunity?

[Donate to the Veronica Mars Kickstarter]


21 Responses to We crowdfunded a Veronica Mars movie – what’s next?

  1. I for one would chip in to see the rights to Dresden Files revert back to Jim Butcher

    I didn’t know that was a thing, I would totally contribute to that. Can we toss in a ass-kicking for whatever dweeb thought that Harry Dresden needed to carry a HOCKEY STICK instead of his staff? Because that guy…

    • I know right? I honestly loved the actor, but they could have stretched out each book into a season and done it in order.

  2. When I saw that dramatization of “Bring back Firefly” alongside the title of this article I almost wet myself with excitement, then realised it was just a mock up. Oh god I want Firefly to be next!

    • Same happend to me! I had to take a few deep breath get my clear vision back .. so adrenalin pumped was i when i saw the “screenshot” .. then realized that it was just a mock up. …. Firefly needs to come back!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the movie! I loved the series, and was really bummed out when it just ended in the middle of a story arc.
    I also miss Buffy, but at least the story was brought kinda full circle. And there’s the comics. to soothe the pain.
    I need a Veronica Mars fix. Netflix, here I come.

  4. The next step is monetizing this. Fox threatens to cancel every show with a cult following and successfully draws in another $4 million each.

  5. If Kickstarter had been a big thing 5 years ago – we might have seen Firefly Season 2. I don’t think it’s coming back now – not after killing off one of their main characters. ;)

  6. I’ll be honest. I started looking for the link to the firefly kickstarter page when I saw that pics.

    If there were a kickstarter to bring back another season of the Stargate series I’d be all over it as well. Hell, I’d probably even help fun another Star Trek series.

  7. As far as Firefly goes, Joss Whedon did an AMA on Reddit back in August and pretty much said it’ll never happen. Everyone involved in the project has moved on. All of the actors are busy doing other things now, and Joss is too busy making truckloads of money from Disney.

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