Harry Potter Plot Twist [Picture]

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Harry Potter plot twist

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    • No, no he couldn’t. Only Voldemort could kill him. With Voldemort dead, Harry can never die. It’s pretty basic logic.

  1. Voldemort did kill Harry. Harry then Killed Voldemort when the piece of his soul inside Harry was destroyed. Therefore they each ended up killing each other making the prophecy redundant.

    • In what way would it ruin a perfectly good series? The idea of the hero not having a happy ending would ruin seven books for you? That seems a bit ridiculous and over-dramatic, “my friend.”

  2. It’s an interesting twist and ties up the loose ends. However I don’t think it’s an ending Rowling ever would have considered and I’m glad she didn’t. The happy ending Harry receives is a fundamental part of the morality tale she is telling. As a child Harry has every reason to be bitter and miserable but retains the ability to love. His love of his friends and the help they provide are what allows him to accomplish the great deeds he does. Vanquishing Voldemort and living a happy life is the reward he and his friends earn. Asking Harry to make the ultimate sacrifice, one even worse than a voluntary death, is high drama. But it doesn’t tell the story that Rowling wanted to tell.

  3. False. It says “EITHER must die at the hand of the other”… “either” meaning one of them. If is said “both must die at the hand of the other,” this twist would be true. Voldemort died at the hand of Harry, so the prophecy is fulfilled and Harry can go on with his life.

  4. Can’t see it this way. It says must die, not must ONLY die. A more realistic rationale would be that if anyone else tried to kill HP, like Lucius Malfoy, it would either miss or backfire due to the requirement that it be Voldemort.

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