Programmers vs. Users [Comic]


This is pretty much true of any profession, but it seems distinct in people who work in technology. What do you guy think?

[Via r/geek]

7 Responses to Programmers vs. Users [Comic]

  1. I’ve seen my classmates display this view, and I personally find it offensive. We were all users once, after all. We didn’t all come out of our mothers knowing how to code.

  2. Also being a developer and IT admin for a long time, I find this highly inaccurate. Seems like a very juvenile view. I have to admin, I might have felt this was accurate back in the 90’s or earlier. But since then, Developers, myself included, sometimes forget how to code things that make sense for end users. What good is being a developer if the user doesn’t find the tool useful and easy to use.

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