Grumpy Cat Gets Gig in Friskies Ad Campaign


You’ve seen Tardar Sauce before, though you probably know her better as Grumpy Cat. Tardar’s fame has spread rapidly since she first appeared on the web, looking disgruntled and unapologetic. Looking to cash in on that viral fame: Friskies cat food, who reportedly just hired Tardar Sauce herself for a new campaign and have been working pretty hard to keep Grumpy Cat very happy: “1st class plane tickets … endless filet mignon … her own king-sized bed … 5-figure paychecks,” and more, according to TMZ. The cat’s manager (yes, you just read that) says she’s even in Austin, TX this weekend for SxSW, where she’ll make an appearance.

This isn’t the first time an image macro has made its way into an advertising campaign: Last year, Success Kid was featured in a Virgin Media billboard campaign. (His mother reports that she did in fact sell Virgin the rights to the image, so it looks like Success Kid’s tuition is taken care of.)