Breaking Bad Fan Art for Bryan Cranston’s Birthday

Today actor Bryan Cranston turns 57. To celebrate, here he is depicted as Walter White by fans of his best show ever, Breaking Bad.

1. “The Cooks” by Mike Mitchell

the cooks

2. “You Are A Blowfish” by Rich Pellegrino

you are a blowfish

3. “Walter White” by Peter Mitchell

walter white

4. “Breaking Walter White” by Nick Olas (*MyEyesBLEedInk6)


5. “WALT” By Tracy Tubera


6. “Heisenberg” by Travis Louie


7. Untitled Walter white graffiti, unattributed


8. “I’m the one who knocks!” by Zachary Kintz


9. “Breaking Bad” by Emmanuel Torres


10. “Walter White” By Marius Johnsen


Collected from AMC’s Breaking Bad Fan Art tumblr, the Breaking Bad exhibit at Gallery 1988, and deviantart as noted.

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