Hey! Look! Hylian Shield Cake! [Pictures]

hylian cake 1

We feature geeky cakes on the regular, but I have to admit that this is one of my favorites. Redditor Riorus’s mom put together this shimmery Hylian wonder with a couple layers of cake, mad skills, and sparkly edible paint. Happy 18th birthday!

A few more views, supplied by Riorus:

hylian cake 2

hylian cake 4

H/T: Thanks, David!

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  1. I can not express how tired I am of this fondant craze. I don’t want cakes to look like they are made of clay. Fondant is so gross. I get that you can do a lot with fondant that you can’t with other cake decorating methods but really people you are making a cake not a clay sculpture.

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