Marvel to be in Disneyland


Disneyland Hong Kong is the smallest of the major corporation’s theme parks. From personal experience I can tell you – it’s pretty tiny. But this little runt of a theme park is about to get a boost: it’s very own section based on Marvel. The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that the Hong Kong government sees this as an opportunity to boost the mainland Chinese tourists visiting the country, since movies like The Avengers were incredibly popular up there.

It was pretty much inevitable that this would happen eventually after Disney acquired Marvel in 2009. But why Hong Kong Disney and not, say…Orlando’s Disney World? Well, according to The Verge, Disney World has been barred from including Marvel elements thanks to a licensing arrangement with Universal Studios. So Disneyland HK is finally getting something to make it just a little cooler than the other Disneylands. Of course, Disneyland in California is working on incorporating Marvel elements into their theme park – I mean, why wouldn’t you? Geeky comic superheroes have become sexy.

Right now there’s no clear date as to when this new section of Disneyland will be opened, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, local press indicates that it’s probably going to be in 2017. Asia tour anyone?

[The Hollywood Reporter Via The Verge | Image by mlock]

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