Custom Boba Fett Mixer [Pic]


From Deviantartist Tommyfilth:

I asked for a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas, I pointed my wife toward a broken one on eBay so that I could refurbish it, as I was taking it apart I got some inspiration for the paint job and this is what came out of it, still needs a phase board for speed control and two decals to be applied to the sides but I couldn’t wait to share.

[Source: Tommyfilth on Deviantart]


One Response to Custom Boba Fett Mixer [Pic]

  1. The shape of the mixer seems to fit the droid EV-9D9 more than Boba Fett, but I guess EV-9D9 isn’t as popular.

    (BTW, in case you weren’t aware, EV-9D9, from RoTJ, is the droid in Jabba’s palace who assigned C-3PO as Jabba’s interpreter and R2-D2 as a server on Jabba’s sail barge.)

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