Man Building Cylon Raider [Pics]

Eugene Haggerty from Clearwater, Florida has begun building a half-scale, DRIVABLE replica of a Classic Cylon Raider.

Cylon Raider 1

He is even an Imperious Leader of the Colonial-Cylon Alliance.

Construction began October of last year and Haggerty hopes to have it ready by Galacticon 3 this May in Houston, Texas.

About 150 hours of build time remain and Haggerty could really use some help.

Already, $10,000 has been sunk into the project and Haggerty expects the total cost will exceed $20,000, when all is said and done. After Galacticon, Haggerty hopes to make the rounds at Dragon*Con 2013, as well as a few other conventions, too.

Cylon Raider 2

If you’d like more information or would like to donate to his project, click here! Depending on your donation amount, you could even drive it at one of the conventions!

[Via RedEye Rogue]

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