Gift Idea for GOT Fans: Deluxe Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends


Some really cool bookends, which are a representation of the carved dire wolves that that guard the Stark family crypts.

The Starks are an ancient house, whose ancestral castle Winterfell was built thousands of years in the past. Winterfell, is located in the center of the northern province of the Seven Kingdoms, on the Kingsroad that runs from King’s Landing to the Wall. Beneath Winterfell lie the Stark family crypts, ancient final resting place of the line. The crypts are guarded by carved dire wolves, an unusually large and intelligent species of wolf represented the family’s house sigil. Dark Horse Comics worked with the production team of Game of Thrones, facilitated by HBO Licensing, to reference the actual prop from the series as the basis for a sculptural set of polystone bookends.

[Deluxe Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends]

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