Heart-Shaped LEGO Valentine Spaceship! Pew Pew! [Pic]


Cartoonist Mark Anderson just sent me a few pics of this cool heart-shaped LEGO Valentine spaceship he just built! I’ve included a little extra info from Mark about the spaceship underneath the pics below.




The dual engines swivel independently for maneuverability and easy landing, it’s armed to the teeth with four underside cannons, and its small size and stealth geometry keeps it off enemy radars until it’s too late.

But a recent skirmish has left our intrepid and beautiful pilot, Capt. Val N. Tine, with an enemy rocket lodged in the fuselage! Can she make it back to base? Why didn’t the rocket explode? And will she discover her enemy attacker was actually her secret admirer, Q-Pid?

[Mark Anderson]

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