Stargate SG-I: Unleashed – A Tablet-Based Game from MGM [Video]

Stargate SG-1 fans, behold: MGM plans to release the first episode of a tablet-based Stargate game in just a month. Check out the trailer below:

Dr. Jackson, Teal’c, O’Neill, Carter, my dear friends, we’ll soon be reunited! I can’t wait!

[Via IGN]

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  1. S**t, it's just a game, and I actually thought we were to be treated with a real Stargate experience, film three in what was supposed to be five for example. Finishing off the Wraith story, the Asgard in the other galaxy story, but no, instead it looks like a worthless time-wasting, money making sodding game. So much for the excitement over Tapping's comment on Twitter a few months back stating it would be good to hear Sam Carters voice in her head again". Excitement and anticipation is over then.

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