Captain Harlock: Space Pirate [Movie Trailer]

I’ll just leave this here and let you guys salivate. A CG movie featuring Captain Harlock? Now how awesome is that? The movie is planned for release next fall in Japan, but there’s no word out yet about when it’ll hit the big screen in North America.

Thanks Rick!

5 Responses to Captain Harlock: Space Pirate [Movie Trailer]

  1. OMFG, I’m 30-ish years old and I’m squealing like a little girl! I want!

    Oh, and let’s hope they make a Galaxy Express movie next. :D

  2. I didn’t think that Captain Harlock was much known in North America except for the french version “Albator” in the province of Québec. There was was a release of the complete series on DVD in french in Québec very recently.

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