If Web Browsers were Superheroes [Pics]


[Source: C-Section Comics | Via FailDesk]

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  1. I don’t get the love for Firefox. Sure, it was a great browser a while back. But we’re talking at least 5 years back. These days it’s just a clumsy browser, if I would match that to any superhero it would at best be old-school aquaman (not the bad-ass new 52 aquaman).

    I agree with Chrome though and Opera, Safari is not nearly as sexy as the comic makes it look. Also, the IE hate should end, again in the period that Firefox was a good browser, IE kinda sucked, but these days it’s a really good browser that actually sticks to the w3c standards better than most browser.

    • So glad someone else is willing to state what users already know. Firefox sucks; the only people who still swear by Firefox are the people who started this browser snobbery in the first place. Chrome sucks, that is unless you enjoy having Google track even more of your personal information than they do from just using their search engine. Safari sucks, as does everyhtng else Apple produces. Opera I have no opinion on, because I always for get it exists. IE, as Peter stated, is now a solid, secure, and reliable browser; which is more than can be said of Firefox today.

      • I personally prefer Chrome, simply because It runs smoother in my opinion, and I love the interface. I’m not too worried about information being shared, because I don’t share really important stuff. IE, though you guys see it as secure and solid, I see it as slow and buggy. Nothing ever loads on my IE (And yes, everything is up to date, and no, I have no viruses) while all my other browsers load them fine. And Safari…don’t get me started on Apple. I want the company to just die. I really have no opinions on any other browser, because I just don’t use them.

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