Winter Storm KHAN Is Tasking Us…

khanAs of 10:30am EST this morning, the Weather Channel has named the winter storm blowing across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States… Khan.


The Weather Channel named the storm due to its projected impact, which is as much as 0.50 inch of ice accumulation and 2 to 4 inches of snow from Ohio through the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as significant ice from eastern Tennessee and Kentucky through North Carolina and northern South Carolina.

In Atlanta, where this [GAS] writer is typing from, icy roads have resulted in some school closings today – let me pause for a moment for everyone who lives where there is actually snow on a regular basis to laugh at that – so there are at least a few kids who are probably thankful for Khan.

This is just the first of what could be more geeky names brought to you by the Weather Channel – the list of potential names for this winter season also includes Gandalf, Euclid, and Draco.

I feel like maybe they should have saved Khan for something a little more intimidating.

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