Black Milk Soon to Offer LOTR-Themed Clothing [Pics]


This morning, when I accessed Black Milk’s website, I noticed that there was a countdown with a picture of two ladies wearing what looks like to be LOTR/The Hobbit-themed leggings. So ladies, you know what that means, right? Here are a few pictures of Black Milk’s upcoming LOTR collection, which should become available next Monday.

[Black Milk Clothing]

6 Responses to Black Milk Soon to Offer LOTR-Themed Clothing [Pics]

  1. They’re models, their showing off the specific merchandise. The leather top isn’t part of the LoTR/Hobbit apparel, it’s just another piece they’re using because it emphasises the leggings. Just because the models are wearing a crop top with them doesn’t mean that’s how they HAVE to be worn. Leggings aren’t meant to be worn as pants anyways :P I think they’d look really nice with a long, plain tunic,and some ankle boots. I would buy them if they weren’t 5x what I’m willing to spend on clothes (lol)

  2. You know, contrary to what you may think, there are a lot of thin “fangirls”. And even fangirls with some curves would rock these tights…just sayin. People can be dicks. This world could use more nerds, geeks, fangirls, and fanboys.

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