5 Movies That Should Be Made


The Internet really is a wonderful thing because it encourages artists and great minds alike to create and share their most wonderful work with the world, and among these are fan trailers for movies that do not exist… yet.

I’ve checked out quite a lot of these fan trailers in my time, and a few have made an impact… and a few others have made me curse the sky with a fist that they’re not a real thing. Here’s some of my favorites that I think need to be made into real movies – and why. And the fan trailers, of course.

Captain Planet

Come…on. Just check out the fan-made trailer below. It’s all you really need.

But even if that isn’t enough for you, think about this: the generation that grew up on Captain Planet is now hitting the age where they’re getting jobs and earning their own disposable income. These people are going to watch this film. Just like how Toy Story 3 was made for us (and most of us did go and see it …and it was awesome) so too would Captain Planet be made for us.

Not to mention that it would once again encourage educational themes in our entertainment – teach our kids a little bit of environmental awareness, while having epic cool powers in an epic cool action film. It’s just about all win.



Blizzard seems a bit sketchy about whether this is actually going to happen – you can read about it on the WoW wiki. The way I see it, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to go ahead with a movie – and a live action one. They’ve got a rich story that’s full of fleshed out characters with serious history and so much potential for epic fight scenes and incredible special effects. So why not make a movie that would probably serve to extend the popularity of it beyond the gamers (just like superhero movies have made comics more mainstream)?

It simply makes sense for Blizzard, especially at a time when MMORPGs are popping up everywhere and the popularity of WoW itself is on the decline. And since the RTS games didn’t get as much traction as WoW, it would probably serve them well to include a bit of the history from Warcraft I, II and III for the hardcore fans – and to possibly boost popularity of the older games once again. Time to make this happen Blizzard!


Wonder Woman

The time is now the time is now the time is nowwwwww! Come on people! Superhero movies are (finally) “in”. They’re making money. And we haven’t got a single one devoted to a female superhero!? That’s bull! Especially for a generation that’s seeing a rise in the post-modern feminist and where feminism is reaching all new heights.

I’ve heard the argument that Wonder Woman didn’t do as well in comics. Duh, because feminism was never as strong as it is now – especially among the geek community. Back when Wonder Woman comics were released, our community was very much a boys club. That has very much changed over the last decade or so.

Another argument is that Wonder Woman, as a character, is not built as a stand-alone. She works better as a character in a team – hence why she will be in the Justice League without having a movie to herself. That you would “butcher” her character if you tried.

I’m calling that total baloney. If Hollywood can completely invent a new canon for X-Men, they can sure as hell create a story for Wonder Woman.

The only real problem I’d have with making a WW movie is who to cast?! Personally, I’d think that it would be amazing if they cast someone fresh – a brand new, undiscovered actress. Of course, Hollywood would never go for that, especially since doing a Wonder Woman movie would be deemed “risky”.

This fan seems to think Angelina would do for the role…her lips are too fat for Wonder Woman, if you ask me.


The Silmarillion

Ok, so perhaps the book didn’t quite get as much traction as The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings (I’ll admit, I got bored reading it) – but I blame that on the writing, not the content. Tolkien’s world is incredible, and I adore the stories he had to tell, but I personally think his storytelling in The Silmarillion could have used a little more work.

Considering they’ve managed to stretch out The Hobbit into three separate movies, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that The Silmarillion get made into at least one, right?



Ok, so when I was looking for more awesome fan trailers, I came across this. The trailer is technically for the game – but don’t you reckon this could totally work for a movie? Some sort of weird surrealist sort of animated thing. Pixar – get on this!

What else do you think would make a great movie that hasn’t yet been made? Share with us any awesome fan trailers you’ve seen too!

[Header Picture Source: Adam Jay & SuperHero Photography]