Fan Theories on Movies and Video Games [Pictures]


Here are a series of pretty crazy theories some fans have elaborated about popular video games and movies. Got some funny theories of your own about a movie or game? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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  1. This isn’t a theory per se, but it certainly explains something. Back in 1992, my dear friend worked at Nintendo, and was asked to produce a video from playing SMB3 to ‘demonstrate’ how Mario moved, ran and jumped. Ostensibly, it was to keep an actor informed about his role.
    The next year, ‘Super Mario Brothers: The Movie’ came out…

  2. It’s not a theory but in Frankenweenie everything ends well but bot for the vampire cat who was killed and did not return to cat form, and nobody of the characters at the end seem to bother about that,

    • Also girl and the cat from frankenweeine are reference to one scene from old superman movie where superman saved same race of cat for little girl and cat name was similar to Burtons cat name.

  3. Wall-E the lovely tail of androgynous robots whom have no defined gender, and yet the masculine character stays in the failing homestead cleaning, while the feminine character travels to exotic locals, with a quickdraw shoot first shoot some more keep shooting then maybe ask a question or two attitude, in search of life which she stores in a big round ball shaped whole in her belly.

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