The 82 Sins of Prometheus [Video]

By the power of Greyskull!

Do Prometheus fans exist? We certainly expect to find out. Here are all the sins we counted in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. We had to stretch our time limit to 4 minutes for this one… just too many darn sins.


5 Responses to The 82 Sins of Prometheus [Video]

  1. The Scottish way of giving the finger, is with 2 fingers. Check the cover of the movie Trainspotting. The Begbie character is doing that on the cover.

  2. Some of the things they list in the video are legitimate complaints but many other things like the “flipping off of the future” or “painting a rubik’s cube” are grasping for straws. But then again I guess if they didn’t include all that stuff they wouldn’t be able to stretch this out to five minutes.

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