Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years [Infographic]

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For the new year, BBC future has compiled a list of 40 recent predictions made by scientists, politicians, journalists, and other assorted pundits, about what the world might look like from 2013 to 2150.

[Source: BBC – Future]

10 Responses to Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years [Infographic]

  1. So, sea levels are going to rise by 2031, high enough that Bangkok needs new seawalls… but by 2100 we’re in a new ice age?

    • Notice that these are predictions with certain odds of happening. Water levels rising (4/1) and Ice Age (20/1). These are not meant to be 100% accurate as all predictions have probability of not happening.

  2. 2013 – “You can now play virtual games based in your own neighbourhood thanks to Google Earth.” 100/1 (Least Likely)

    Too bad it already happened in 2012 thanks to Google’s “Ingress”. My prediction is this chart will not match anything.

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