Justice League Money [Pic]


Andrew Jackson looks stunning as Wonder Woman, doesn’t he? :)

Technically, defacing money is illegal, but these are Photoshop jobs, so it should be ok in this case, right?

[Source and Artist: Aslan Malik]

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  1. whats up with this blog pretending t0 find everything at the original source? when you find something somewhere else isnt that kind of stealing?

    • Wrong on both counts: if it’s published on a publicly accessible website and the author / artist has expressed no objections to the re-sharing of their material (with attribution, of course!), then it isn’t stealing. Secondly, while this has been shared directly from the original source, several GaS / Faildesk articles are reshared from other sites which reshare material (sometimes making it an entertaining process following the link chain, trying to find the original source).

      • If you check everything we publish, we ALWAYS credit the original source… unless we can’t find one, and when that happen, we usually don’t post th content.

    • The original source is the one that is the most important to credit… Often, our content says: “Source:” and “Via:”

        • To tell you honestly, I don’t really remember where it came from… :) Pretty sure it’s not from Geekologie though, I rarely visit the site…

  2. so find something on some other site, take the picture they used..forget what that site was.. and only credit the original source, -thats the geeksaresexy MO? i dont think thats responsible interneting…. i assume youre fine with geeksare sexy never receiving a via or credit from another site then correct?

    • We usually give the “via” credit, Half of the posts on the front page of the site have via links right now.

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