Justice League Money [Pic]


Andrew Jackson looks stunning as Wonder Woman, doesn’t he? :)

Technically, defacing money is illegal, but these are Photoshop jobs, so it should be ok in this case, right?

[Source and Artist: Aslan Malik]

11 Responses to Justice League Money [Pic]

  1. whats up with this blog pretending t0 find everything at the original source? when you find something somewhere else isnt that kind of stealing?

    • Wrong on both counts: if it’s published on a publicly accessible website and the author / artist has expressed no objections to the re-sharing of their material (with attribution, of course!), then it isn’t stealing. Secondly, while this has been shared directly from the original source, several GaS / Faildesk articles are reshared from other sites which reshare material (sometimes making it an entertaining process following the link chain, trying to find the original source).

      • but the picture you used wasnt found at the original site. it was taken from geekologie or some other site, wasnt it?

  2. so find something on some other site, take the picture they used..forget what that site was.. and only credit the original source, -thats the geeksaresexy MO? i dont think thats responsible interneting…. i assume youre fine with geeksare sexy never receiving a via or credit from another site then correct?