Star Trek Character Names & Roles Chart [Pic]


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  1. It’s sad.. I’d never be considered a fan (especially not by the REAL fans), and even I noticed that was all wrong at the bottom.

  2. Also You’ll notice that the Enterprise crew that are wearing the standard Federation uniforms for that series are all listed as blue. Blue was the base color, the stripes are what designated roles which you can see in the pictures. Captain was gold, Security Red, etc…

  3. Agreed. So much FAIL in this, it isn’t funny! Not saying that some characters didn’t appear on other ships or space stations, some of their PRIMARY roles are not in the correct column.

    Helmsmen & Operations are separate classifications. Only a “Trekkie” wouldn’t know the difference. A true “Trekker” knows this difference.

    If you’re gonna post something like this, please..Please…PLEASE…do your homework first!! Otherwise, you look like a total Trekkie wanna-be!

  4. More trekrage: Of all the O’Brien pics available, they choose one from season 1/2 of TNG to portray him as the Chief on DS9.

    • Kim on Voyager is Operations, Data is Operations on the Enterprise – they are not helmsman – the chair NEXT to Data at the front is the helm……..

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