Geek’s Guide to Becoming an Über Geek

An infographic on how to become an über geek? Really? So what do you guys think, do we really need a guide on what we need to do, as geeks, to “evolve” to the next echelon of geekdom? Also, the Uber-Geek portrayed in this infographic seems to be someone who’s getting a step closer to nerd-dom, not geek-dom, but I might be wrong.

Geek's Guide to Becoming an Uber-Geek
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20 Responses to Geek’s Guide to Becoming an Über Geek

  1. Yet another stereotyping definition of what geek means.
    What’s with all the iProducts? Why wouldn’t any geek use maps?
    No mention of coding, open source software, or craft hobbies.
    Just because you haven’t done/heard of/bought something, doesn’t mean you aren’t a geek.
    Geek is an attitude, a mindset. It is not a style, and it is not any particular set of interests.
    Anyone can play Team Fortress 2, for instance. A TF2 geek might…
    -Read the weird back-stories
    -Know exactly what weapons to use in a situation.
    -Design items/levels.
    -Read/Write strategy guides.

    The activity/interest doesn’t make you a geek. The way you approach it determines how much of a geek you are.

  2. Hosting a Will Farrell costume party immediately causes the loss of all geek cred. Even watching one of his movies is likely to cost of you upwards of half your geek cred, if appropriate precautions aren’t taken to minimize the risks.

  3. Original geek is more über IMO. I think an über wouldn’t use Apple because it’s specs aren’t the best available and failing that, would build their own device should the need arise. Maps would not be needed, über should be able to interpret raw GPS data stream! Glasses should be custom augmented reality glasses. Overall I strongly disagree with this strip as a self proclaimed geek on his way to becoming an überman.

  4. That is hands-down the worst piece of crap “geek”-related infographic I’ve ever seen.

    Will Ferrell? Apple products? And when did Weezer or Back to the Future become indicative?

    Please quit spreading this kind of nonsense and denigrating the word “geek.”

  5. The only way to become an uber-geek or uber-nerd (or whatever slang term you prefer) is to ignore what people say is “geek” or “nerdy”, figure out what you enjoy in life and become passionate about that ( within the limits of the laws ;) ).

  6. Im pretty sure if you’re a “Comic book enthusiast” that Tim Burton will not think you’re cool. As he appears to look down on comics.

  7. Most of the geeks I know avoid any apple products like the plague. Geeks are usually not into communism in their tech products. I myself avoid anything with a apple on it.

    • umm.. apple is consumerism, open source (or even BitTorrent) is more like communism

      Communism (from Latin communis – common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless[1][2] and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order.

  8. Seriously, I thought the whole thing was a joke until I got to the end and it says they’d be in favour with Wheaton and Whedon. Really? I mean, really? Those two would hate the elitist bull that “makes up” these “ubergeeks”.
    Totally agree with this being renamed Geekster 101. The “ubergeek” isn’t a geek. They’re just hipsters. And geek is the “new cool”.

  9. This is stupid. Sounds like it’s written by someone that met one hipster and one geek in the same day then got hit on the head and decided to make an infographic.

  10. The author is confusing geek and pseudo hipster looser…
    and trying to push his/her own iJunk addiction to pretend it’s beeing geek when in reality it just mean that you like shiny toys and do not care about personal liberties.

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