Stan Lee and the Death of Spider-Man [Pic]


For those who haven’t heard yet, Peter Parker is getting killed in The Amazing Spider-Man #700. Here’s a picture that illustrates Stan Lee’s feeling about the situation quite well.

[Via SuperheroStuff]

9 Responses to Stan Lee and the Death of Spider-Man [Pic]

  1. I have heard this is a fake. apparently there are different versions of this pic going around. plus his fingers do look photoshoped. but I wish it were true. its how I feel.

  2. And then they will think some stupid idea to raise him from the dead like some artifact from another planet or god will raise him and he will become heavenriderspiderman or crap like that, they do this all the time in comic world , not that I even care about that. I don’t read comics.

  3. Fed up with them killing A-listers just to sell comics and then bringing them back. If you want to kill off someone, do it. The more you bring back the less people buy into the idea of a hero being killed off.

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