The Dark Side of the Moon: Fact or Fiction? [SCIENCE!]

An interesting video from my pal Michael Wilson, aka Comma Niddy, shedding some “light” on that whole “Dark Side of the Moon” business and all those creepy stories we hear about the hidden side of Earth’s companion.

[Comma Niddy]

4 Responses to The Dark Side of the Moon: Fact or Fiction? [SCIENCE!]

  1. His statement is wrong. There -is- a dark side. There's always a dark side. Just not always dark there. Like, when it's night here, we're on the dark side of earth. But that dark side is a constant. At no point, is the moon all liight.

  2. Also, there are areas of the moon that never receive light from the sun. Craters near the north and south poles are possible locations of lunar water.

  3. perhaps "the dark side of the moon" is referring to the fact that we can not see it you know .. as in the dark…
    and like Pink Floyd … talk about the side of people that you dont see, pain, anger, remorse…

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