Pose for a Picture…Get a Figurine of Yourself!

Why does Japan always get the coolest stuff??

Omote 3D is a small photo studio in the Harajuku district that “prints out” FIGURES of you, rather than just those boring, old-timey photo strips!

If you can stand still for 15 minutes as a gun scans you (& you have the cash), you can have a Mini-Me of yourself!

For $265, you can have a 10cm figurine of yourself (almost 4 inches). For $530, you can “go big” with a 20cm version of yourself (about 8 inches).

3D photobooth 1

3D photobooth 2

3D photobooth 5

3D photobooth 4

3D photobooth 3

[Via Geekologie]


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