Pose for a Picture…Get a Figurine of Yourself!

Why does Japan always get the coolest stuff??

Omote 3D is a small photo studio in the Harajuku district that “prints out” FIGURES of you, rather than just those boring, old-timey photo strips!

If you can stand still for 15 minutes as a gun scans you (& you have the cash), you can have a Mini-Me of yourself!

For $265, you can have a 10cm figurine of yourself (almost 4 inches). For $530, you can “go big” with a 20cm version of yourself (about 8 inches).

3D photobooth 1

3D photobooth 2

3D photobooth 5

3D photobooth 4

3D photobooth 3

[Via Geekologie]


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  1. It's interesting that the poses are similar to the photographs of the mid 19th century, where the long exposure time required the subject to be clamped in place, and told not to smile so as not to blur the photo.

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