The Dragonborn Rides Again [Comic]


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4 Responses to The Dragonborn Rides Again [Comic]

  1. lol as nerdy as that was it was funny as well as true. Every time I have to forgo a game companion for a better one I feel bad about it. I guess I'm just I'm just all warm inside underneath the terrible exterior. Of course underneath the warmness is a LOT more ugly…

    But I digress.

  2. I liked the dark horse. He never really seemed to die. And if he did (or disappeared) he came back. Every other horse I use would die for good. :(

  3. seriously, the dragon-riding thing is really overrated. The targeting system sucks, you don't have nearly the control of direction or destination that you get on the horse, and the dragon is still retarded. But summoning Durneviir, Odahviig, and riding some revered or legendary dragon all at the same time…priceless.

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