Matt Smith and the New Tardis Interior [Pic]


So what do you guys think of the new Tardis’ look? Yay, nay, hooray?

[Via Doctor Who and the Tardis by  Craig Hurle]


19 Responses to Matt Smith and the New Tardis Interior [Pic]

  1. Out with the steampunk, in with the Star Trek, I see.

    And the doc himself looks a bit more respectable. No more Raggedy Man.

  2. I like it. The previous design was too busy and a bit silly. A cleaner look, more focused and serious works for me.

  3. Maybe it's the picture that's weird… but I have the odd feeling of "real person just put over a cartoon scene" when I see it… (kinda like Space Jam, you know)
    Other than that, I don't know, I guess I'll get used to it…

  4. Are you sure about this? It comes from a fan page, not the official Doctor Who page (as @Mickey) noted above.

    • Never mind – it's on that page too….how it meshes with that more elegant looking Gallifreyan piece from a little bit ago, I'm not sure.

  5. I think its going to be amazing. To see my new Doctor, im my old Doctors Tardis. And with all the talk of him going back to the basics, the way he was when he first started out, its only fitting they go back to something close to the original console design.

  6. The outfit is epic, the design of the tardis has the right feel but looks god aweful cramped for the control room

  7. i want to know whats going to cause the new look to happen, hopefully explained instead of oh look its just different

  8. Everything else is fine but do they really need that fucking green tint again. I've had enough of that from Eccleson/ Tennant's era.

  9. I think it loooks dated this is a new era of Doctor and it looks like its going backwards to when the tardis looked so small…. I like that it has a huge interior now it looks so small…