Every Time I Try To Download Freeware [Pic]

[Via MUO]

12 Responses to Every Time I Try To Download Freeware [Pic]

  1. Most links I get to downloads online bring me to sites like that. But I found an easy way to know which link to click. Just put your cursor over the "Download" button and in the bottom left corner (depending on what browser you use) it will show the links full name.

    • Forget to say, only thing more annoying is when there are random nude women on a download page (when your not at an adult site). Since this is a computer use by many its awkward when they walk in and see nude women because they assume I am looking at porn. >.>

  2. I’m going to have to third the adblock plus route. Sorry, revenue streams, but it serves you right for creating ridiculously infuriating adverts.

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