WordPress 3.5 Bug Removes Embed Code from Posts?

Hi guys!

Just a quick observation and a question for those of you who have WordPress Blogs and have updated to version 3.5. Have you guys noticed if in Pre-scheduled posts, the embed code of videos is getting stripped out of your posts right before they go live? I noticed that yesterday, and each time a post goes live, I have to get back in to re-insert the embed code. Another thing that is weird is that once the post has been pre-scheduled, an invisible user seems to access the post, and that’s probably where the bug occurs. Here’s a screenshot:


See the edit that occurs at 8:59 by a blank user? That’s what I’m talking about.

So, has anyone experienced this? Anyone knows what can be done to fix the issue?


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  1. I don't use WordPress. But, as an additional data point, I no longer see videos in the RSS feed from several WordPress sites, yours included.

    • @lugh I changed something. There's a feature in wordpress that embed videos automatically when you just past the direct link of a video in the editor… not the code. We'll see how this works.

  2. I haven't noticed that yet but I rarely post embeds on my sites (GlobalGeekNews.com and FanboyFashion.com). I will see about trying to replicate this with tomorrows posts but I would suggest reporting this to the WordPress bug tracker as I am sure they will want to get that fixed ASAP as that is not a bug you want sticking around.

  3. I had the same problem yesterday. Apparently WP now automatically sizes the video to your theme's width. All I had to do was just plant the video's URL on it's own line and the video plays fine.

    This has something to with oEmbed in the core WP code.

    • No, it embeds… I add the code, change the size value of the player to the desired width and height manually, preview the post, and everything works fine. Then I schedule it… and when it goes live, the video doesn't show… I go back and edit the post, and the embed code isn't there anymore. Sure, I can paste the url of the video on a single line in the text editor, but I still prefer to add the code manually.

      It's probably related to that edit that shows with the blank user under the revision section of the "add post" screen…

      • I was just thinking, in older versions of WordPress, whenever I would paste in code that used an iframe, as long as I stayed in the code part of the editor it was fine but as soon as you switched over to the visual tab (the default), it would disappear. That was one of my biggest complaints about wordpress for the longest time. I'm not sure if that is still a problem or not as I have just started avoiding them because they are such a pain to deal with but I know that is what YouTube embeds are now that they changed the YouTube design a couple of weeks ago. Up until the change, you could still get the old embed codes. Maybe that could be part of the issue?

      • There are no known issues with WordPress 3.5 and embeds. I tested a video embed on a scheduled post on one of my sites and it worked perfectly. How exactly did you embed the video? Are you using any editor plugins? Have you tried deativating all plugins? Have you previously edited WordPress core?

        • Nope… I'm using no plugins at all. Also, it only happens when I pre-schedule posts… if I publish them right away, the posts are fine…. Several people have landed on this page through Google Search, and everyone has the same problem… (read all the comments below the post)

  4. I found your post googleing this problem, I got the same exact problem you are talking about. When I publish the post with embed video code immediately – everything works fine. But when I schedule it for the future publishing – it happens what you described. When I preview it – embed code is there and video is showing up, but the same moment scheduled post get published – embed code disappear and post show up blank. I regret upgrading to 3.5 now… :(

    Sorry about my bad English…

    The same question was posted officially to WordPress support so lets see what's happen: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/scheduling-pos

  5. Same here. All scheduled posts lose their embedded content. Not only YT same with Vimeo, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.


    I'm gonna downgrade my WP, I guess… Would t be a wise idea? Will it fix the problem and won't cut off parts of code?

    Please help me out. I'm begging you :)

  6. A reader just onformed me that the photo gallery I had posted the night before wouldn't allow the 'click to view enlarged' feature. The HTML in each of the graphics that allows this was stripped out when the scheduled post was posted the next day.

    Now I'm stumped.

  7. Yes, we are having this exact same problem at Blippitt.com. All of our YouTube (and other) embed codes are being stripped out when the pre-scheduled posts go live. This is really a bad situation…we're a viral video website so all we post are videos! This is the first time I've really been angry with WordPress.

        • I know that it is SUPPOSED to do this natively, but it has never worked at Blippitt for some reason. All we usually get when we paste the YouTube URL in a post is an unclickable URL. Not sure why, but the plugin definitely helped.

        • You have to paste it in text mode, not via the visual editor… You probably were already aware of this, but I'm telling you, just in case :)

  8. I downgraded from wordpress 3.5 to 3.4.2 and its all better, a quick search on the worlds most popular search engine will reveal how.

  9. WordPress 3.5 is the second major release for 2012 and is focused on improvements of existing features. I was waiting for some improvement in wordpress and here it is. Glad to see some really good features. thanks for sharing.

  10. My auto-embeds (just by pasting the YouTube link alone into the body of a post/page) have reduced in width since the update to 3.5, and I can't figure out why or how to change it. Here's my blog: http://www.pardisparker.com/blog – anyone know how to fix this? Everything was rendering correctly before the update (full width). But now it's at half-width or something, and I can't figure out why.


  11. I hate this autoembed! It's horrible? Why the programmer thought we should not embed videos with the settings and size we want to? I expect the next version removes this feature

  12. Could anybody post a link with an explanation of how to change WordPress from 3.5 to 3.4.2? I've never had to downgrade wordpress but I can't work with autoembed feature. Thanks in advance.

  13. Was hoping a Google search would shows it’s just not me. We used the schedule feature heavily and a couple of editors were trying to be sure that they hadn’t forgotten the iframe.
    Hopefully a fix will be sooner rather than later, even if it requires manual code changes until 3.5.1

  14. The problem is very serious. In my site http://www.direttaradio.it I can't schedule posts anymore cause iframes which contain banners don't show and get cancelled. Nobody seem to care about the problem, which should affect a big part of publishers. Amazing…

  15. Thanks for identifying the problem and thanks to WP for opening a ticket on it so fast. We had noticed the problem last week, but assumed it was just user error. When it happened again last night on a scheduled post (we only embed every few days), we went searching for the error. Your post explained it exactly as we were seeing it.

  16. For what its worth at this point, I m having exactly the same problems with my site. I do lot of scheduled posts and this bug is killing me. I didn't even notice it a first because everything was fine in the preview. Finally, somebody asked me why I had a bunch of post headlines ith either no content or conent that made no sense (due to embed being stripped out). The same thing occurs when I schedule posts via the wordpress IOS

  17. The option to downgrade to WP 3.4.2 exists, regardless of all the caveats about the database changes.

    Two sets of instructions both pretty much say the same thing.

    After the downgrade, WP will inform you (I'm pretty sure) that the database needs to be updated. But afterwards, it's like old times. Quite a few admins have reported success.

    Looks like this is the only relief. I might downgrade my site on the weekend.

    Good luck.

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