Jumanji Remake Full Steam Ahead With New Writer

What’s that you say? Didn’t realize there was a Jumanji remake in the works? Don’t worry – neither did I. Was it just me or was there not much hype surrounding what could be the destruction of an awesome film from my childhood!?

The Mary Sue seems to think that the appointment of a new writer, Stranger than Fiction’s Zach Helm, is a good thing. That he’ll create a “his own plot”, rendering our Robin Williams memories safe from obliteration. But to me it’s a bittersweet announcement.

Yes, the book that the movie is based on didn’t even really have all the extra characters and the story was rather different ­– but to me that’s ok! The movie was the movie, taken separately from the book. This was one book-to-movie franchise that I was happy to think of as “inspired by” rather than a movie-version-of.

However, creating a whole new movie eclipses the old movie because it’s in the same space. Perhaps I’m just being a geek that’s clinging to the classic, but the announcement of a seriously awesome writer to write what will probably be an awesome movie only fills me with dread.

Dread that I’ll love it, and I’ll love the awesome new plot that Mr. Helm will come up with. Because then I will have to face a horrible dilemma – which version do I love more? I don’t want to lose my affection for watching a stampede of animals destroy a house!

Well Zach Helm had better take Jumanji rules into account though and do not begin this project, unless he intends to finish it. Ok, I clearly want to watch this remake…hurry up Zach!

[Via The Mary Sue | Image Credit]