Is The 5-Second Rule True? [Science!]

So geeks, you all know that the 5-second rule is a myth, right? But since we all know that, here’s a different question: Is there an actual period of time you can pick up your food safely before bacteria contaminates it? Watch the video to find out!


5 Responses to Is The 5-Second Rule True? [Science!]

  1. Mythbusters been there. Done that.

    I’m a strong believer that they should air the two elisodes about sneezing (covering mouth properly) and nasal drip. (Spreading it through touch) episodes. I don’t remember the actual name of the episodes. But I believe they should air those episodes during the flu season on every channel and including every church there is. Perhaps we can make flu season a little less of a problem if people would learn to cover their mouth properly and to not shake peoples hands during that time.

    Watch them… You’ll never shake another persons hand again during the cold season. And you’ll want to wash your hands after touching gas pumps too…

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