The Science of ‘Plan B’: Emergency Contraception [Video]

What happens when the condom breaks? Find out what’s behind “Plan B” – otherwise known as emergency contraception.

[Source: AsapSCIENCE]

3 Responses to The Science of ‘Plan B’: Emergency Contraception [Video]

  1. I've never gotten how a condom could break. What are people doing that they break it? Are you humping at 100mph? I've never been into rough/hard sex, so its probably why I have never had a condom problem. I guess this is also why people should consider buying more expensive condoms or alternatively having a surgery so you can't have kids.

    • Sometimes, there's a weakness in the rubber… It happened to me once in the 90s…. (fortunately my girlfriend back then didn't get pregnant)

      And now I have 3 kids. LOL.

  2. LOL. ^.^

    Do you remember which brand it was? I thought about buying those sheep skin ones since they supposedly don't break. For me its difficult because I really want a little girl and so does my fiance. But since I am disabled and some of what I have can pass on, along with the fact I can't work, we are avoiding children and may just adopt. So I am trying to find sure-proof ways yo have sex without worry of getting her pregnant.

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