Some Highlights of the #windowsrage

So I read this article on The Verge and I thought I should check out this #windowsrage hash tag that seems to be getting everyone all atwitter. It would seem that Windows Phone decided to kick off a poorly thought out #droidrage marketing scheme:

This was promptly met with outrage and posts like this:

Which was met with much more enthusiasm. Lots of them were rather boring – the usual stuff we hear about Windows lagging and crashing and blah-de-blah. Some were intelligently technical like this:

Or a good point about how Windows can’t exactly say they’re free of malware themselves:

And then, of course, are the deliciously snarky and hilariously snide digs at Windows (which is what you’re really here for right?):

And it seems even Google+ peeps got in on the action (a good example of why Facebook should incorporate hashtags):

Of course the Ubuntu salesmen saw a chance to leap into the fray and cash in themselves:

As usual, Microsoft seems blissfully unaware of their blunder and are Keeping Calm and Carrying On as if it was all a smashing success:

Gotta love it. If you’re a Twitter fiend or have gotten on the G+ wagon, go ahead and express your own #windowsrage or #droidrage – however you see fit.

And just for some shits and giggles:

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