Some Highlights of the #windowsrage

So I read this article on The Verge and I thought I should check out this #windowsrage hash tag that seems to be getting everyone all atwitter. It would seem that Windows Phone decided to kick off a poorly thought out #droidrage marketing scheme:

This was promptly met with outrage and posts like this:

Which was met with much more enthusiasm. Lots of them were rather boring – the usual stuff we hear about Windows lagging and crashing and blah-de-blah. Some were intelligently technical like this:

Or a good point about how Windows can’t exactly say they’re free of malware themselves:

And then, of course, are the deliciously snarky and hilariously snide digs at Windows (which is what you’re really here for right?):

And it seems even Google+ peeps got in on the action (a good example of why Facebook should incorporate hashtags):

Of course the Ubuntu salesmen saw a chance to leap into the fray and cash in themselves:

As usual, Microsoft seems blissfully unaware of their blunder and are Keeping Calm and Carrying On as if it was all a smashing success:

Gotta love it. If you’re a Twitter fiend or have gotten on the G+ wagon, go ahead and express your own #windowsrage or #droidrage – however you see fit.

And just for some shits and giggles:

5 Responses to Some Highlights of the #windowsrage

  1. you gotta love this thing as windows people is not seeing those tweets as they are blind when you typed #windowsrage. And still they are shitting with windows 8.

  2. The success or failure of their phone will depend in large part on whether they can develop the critical mass required to attract developers. Without apps a smartphone is useless… just go ask RIM or HP.

    I'm of the opinion that MS is too late to the party, regardless of whether they try to leverage their desktop audience to get development for the mobile OS. Besides which, their desktop OS was not aimed at the desktop, it's a touched based interface aimed at the mobile. We'll see, though…

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